2018 Q1 Jobs Report

Each quarter we present updated data on alumni jobs and placement, as part of our commitment to transparency and accuracy in results reporting.

2018 Q1 Jobs Report

Here is the next installment of the Alumni Jobs Quarterly Report. As part of our commitment to transparency in outcomes reporting, we want to share this information with you on a regular basis so the public is fully informed.


During the period between January 1 and March 31:

  • 35 Turing alumni accepted jobs
  • 5 students left for jobs and 2 current students received offers
  • The average time to hire was 69 days
  • The median salary was $72,000
  • 31 jobs were in Colorado, 10 elsewhere in the US, 1 fully remote

During quarter 1 we graduated 54 students (30 from the 1706 cohort and 24 from 1708). The placement rate for new grads was as follows:

  • 1706 Front End: 61% (75 days post-grad),
  • 1706 Back End: 53% (75 days post-grad),
  • 1708 Front End: 25% (26 days post-grad),
  • 1708 Back End: 33% (26 days post-grad)

At the end of the quarter 28 alumni were job seeking


We did see a slowdown in the number of alumni accepting jobs during this period (partially due to to to having fewer folks seeking than we did at the beginning of Q4 last year). However, salary and percentages remained fairly consistent with Q4 performance. One success we’re particularly excited about is that we lowered our time to hire by 4 days! It’s a great start, but we’d like to bring that number down even further.

Both 1706 Front End and Back End hit our key markers of 30% hired in 30 days, as did 1708 Back End. Additionally, 1706 Front End and 1708 Back End both hit 60% in 60 days. We know that 100 in 100 is an extremely ambitious goal and we are constantly working to improve our support to make this a reality by the end of 2018.

The new strategies I mentioned in my quarter 4 report are adding value to the career support curriculum. Twenty-six of those hired this quarter negotiated their offer in some way during the process. Alumni spent an average of 4 weeks actively engaged in the job search (20 hours a week or more).

As ever, we are so proud of our newly-hired alumni. Organizations across the country, from Frontier Airlines to Georgia State University to Ingersoll Rand and Tuft & Needle have put their trust in our graduates. The hustle and commitment shown by Turing alumni inspires us everyday and we remain focused on improving the career development experience for all our students.

Would you like to be one of the 200+ companies that have hired a Turing grad? Reach out to kayt@turing.io or browse our alumni profiles at https://www.turing.io/alumni.