Hotel Engine Supports Turing Coding Education

Get real-world computer coding education with Turing tech mentorships. Learn how Hotel Engine helps Turing students launch programming careers.

Hotel Engine Supports Turing Coding Education

Did you know that Hotel Engine is one of the premier tech companies that has chosen to partner with Turing School in our tech mentorship program?

Each cohort at Turing, professional engineers from the Hotel Engine team offer practical advice to the Turing student community on what it’s really like to enter the tech workforce, keep up with tight product turnarounds, and nurture the soft skills that are critical in a programming career.

So who is Hotel Engine, and what value can they offer Turing students? A hotel booking platform for businesses, Hotel Engine provides innovative, technology-driven solutions to common corporate travel pain points. In addition to booking hotels, members can manage reservations, consolidate payments and reporting, and easily access data and travel trends to drive informed and efficient planning and budgeting decisions.

Blending elements of classic travel booking sites and logistics as well as automated invoice management solutions and customer service support, Hotel Engine is a great example of the kind of cross-platform integrations and problem-solving that programmers tackle each day on the job.

Hotel Engine’s team is able to share valuable insights with students on the day-to-day realities of life at a busy, fast-growing tech firm, including how to approach strategic project development and handle troubleshooting on the fly. They can also speak on what recruiters look for in entry-level employees, and how tech companies differentiate between candidates to select winning hires.

Hotel Engine team - courtesy of Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine has seen triple-digit growth in 2022, and the engineer mentors can speak to the fast pace of product innovation, customer service and coding sprints that are often synonymous with startups and venture-backed enterprises. It’s not just the hard skills that set up programmers for success in such an environment—soft skills such as clear communication are just as important for navigating the challenges of work that must be fast and excellent, not to mention collaborative.

“Our culture is low-ego, flexible and resilient. When you’re growing really fast, gaps are going to pop up no matter what you do, and our people need to be ready to handle that,” Hotel Engine Senior Engineering Manager Collin Smith told Built in Colorado. It’s hard to think of a better description of some of the ideal characteristics programmers need to succeed at any company, which we encourage in our students at Turing.

That real-world experience isn’t the only valuable example set by Hotel Engine as a tech innovator. They also boast an exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program focused on sustainability, diversity and inclusion to create opportunities for individuals and communities across the world. To that end, Hotel Engine has partnered with a number of organizations, including One Tree Planted, SafeHouse Denver, Children of Uganda, the Korey Wise Innocence Project, Black Girl Ventures and Access Opportunity, as well as the Turing School.

Turing students not only receive insight for their personal career development through Hotel Engine mentors’ expertise, but also get a look at the kind of fulfilling social equity initiatives that are growing increasingly popular in the tech industry.

We are excited to have a tech mentorship partner like Hotel Engine that shares our values precisely because it’s a chance to show our students there is room in tech for their whole selves—from their advanced coding abilities, to their soft skills, to their unique personalities and identities.

There’s a lot to learn at Turing, and we’re dedicated to supporting our students and alumni with coding education for the real world. Check out our mentorship resources and Terminal, our tech talent marketplace.