2019 Q2 Alumni Jobs Report

From the cool protection of the Turing School basement, here is the quarter 2 alumni jobs report.

2019 Q2 Alumni Jobs Report

We’re halfway through the year already. Things are getting warm here in Colorado (but it’s a dry heat!) From the cool protection of the Turing School basement, here is the quarter 2 alumni jobs report.

Turing presents the alumni jobs report quarterly as part of our commitment to accuracy and transparency in results reporting.

During the period April 1 to June 30:

  • 50 Turing alumni accepted job offers
  • 1 student left school for jobs
  • The average time to hire was 76 days. The median time to hire was 66 days
  • The median salary was $77,750
  • 36 job offers were in Colorado, 8 were elsewhere in the US and 6 were fully remote positions

During Quarter 2 we graduated 56 students. The placement rate for new grads was as follows:

  • 1810 Front End 72% (73 days post-grad)
  • 1810 Back End 50% (73 days post-grad)
  • 1811 Front End 6% (24 days post-grad)
  • 1811 Back End 16% (24 days post-grad)

Those accepting jobs reported an average of 4.4 (out of 5) degree of satisfaction with their job hunt process.

At the end of the quarter, 60 alumni were job seeking (up from 58 in Q1).

Overall, our second-quarter numbers show continued growth in the areas of salary and time to hire. We see similar growth versus Q2 of 2018. Also, this quarter more than half of our alumni got their job through a Turing connection.

While 1810 hit the 30% in 30 days metric, they are in the minority of recent cohorts. During quarter 3, we will be assessing the metrics we currently use to see if they are the correct ones to be using. And if so, how can we help support alumni to hit those targets.

At the end of this quarter, we have 60 alumni looking for jobs. While this is only an increase of 2 from Q1, it is an increase of 22 from Q2 18. Most of this is due to larger graduating classes, but it is a number we will continue to monitor, as a large seeking pool puts a strain on current resources and may have an impact on time to hire.

As we have seen throughout Turing’s history, managing the job search process is not just about finding and securing a job. The transition from the structure of the program to a life outside of the basement can be a challenge for many of our alumni. Add into this personal challenges and the stress of securing the first job and the period after graduation can be a roller coaster ride. We are more convinced than ever of the need to help support the whole student throughout their Turing journey. We recently added a Student Counselor to our team to provide assistance to students and alumni as they move through the program and the job search. Mental health and well being are very important to us here and we want to give the Turing family all the resources we can from Module 0 to Module 5 and beyond.

In 1908, we will be rolling out a new curriculum structure for Module 5. This virtual flipped classroom model is designed to keep alumni engaged through the search as well as give them access to even more voices as they work towards that first development job. The career development team (affectionately known as the ‘job squad’) will be working with the entire operations staff to brainstorm ways that we can continue to improve the post-grad experience.

Turing is a vibrant community that we are honored to be a part of. We talk a great deal about how proud we are of our students and alumni for making a giant leap to change their lives. That pride will never diminish. Humans are complicated creatures and often life is messy. Our students balance the personal and the professional across seven challenging months and our pride only grows as we watch them navigate the challenges and cross the finish line to a new career. It is our responsibility to make sure that we provide as much support and care as we can while they are with us.

Would you like to join the ranks of Ibotta, Slalom, Charter, and Red Hat in adding a Turing grad to your team? Check out our current job seekers at alumni.turing.io or reach out to Robyn Purvin, Outreach Coordinator, robyn@turing.io.