Q4 2023 Jobs and Hiring Report

Q4 2023 Jobs and Hiring Report

Turing's Q3 Jobs and Hiring Report is newly reformatting based on feedback from our community. We hope this new version includes information that you find useful, presented in a digestible format.

Q4 by the numbers:

• We had 21 alumni accept jobs during Q4

• The average time to hire is declining from 130 days in Q3 to 108 days in Q4

•In office work is becoming increasingly common, but the majority of our alumni are still working remotely

You can view the full Q4 Jobs and Hiring Report Here.

Prioritizing your Needs

As more companies ask for an in office presence, it is important to make sure you know our hierarchy of needs. In your job hunt, what are the non negotiable factors? What elements can you negotiate? What elements aren’t that important to you? We are seeing our alumni continue to negotiate offers to make sure that they fit their lifestyle and goals.

Check the Community Calendar!

Our community calendar has been filling up with additional events for our students and alumni! We recently hosted a Turing Alumni Showcase where our Alumni shared projects and gave lightning talks. We also hosted events like “Success in “Non-Traditional” Paths after Turing” and “How to Write Estimates.” These events allow you to share projects or practice coding, but also learn skills for your job hunt from those who have been there.

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