Code with Joan Returns

Join us on Friday, February 11 for this inclusive event!

Code with Joan Returns

Turing will be hosting another Code with Joan Try Coding workshop on Friday, February 11 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm MT. If you identify as an underrepresented gender in tech, join us for a day spent coding in an encouraging and dynamic environment.

We hosted our first Code with Joan event in October 2021 and led almost 50 individuals through a coding workshop in the morning, followed by a lunch speaker series and group challenge in the afternoon.

“Code with Joan was a great way to frankly go through a coding workshop with other women and nonbinary individuals. I’ve been working in tech and I’ve been on all male teams where I was the only or the first woman. This workshop was refreshing and it was a nice option to choose when I was deciding between attending this and another event.” - Angele, October Code with Joan participant

If you’re curious about a career transition into tech, now is the time! Learn to code in a collaborative environment with other women and leaders in the tech industry.

Use the promo code codewithjoan to join us for free!