Hire Faster. Hire Smarter.

Find top tech talent on Turing's alumni portfolio site - Terminal.

Hire Faster. Hire Smarter.

We get it—you want talented people, but you need to find them fast. Without a ton of red tape. And zero strings attached. Meet Terminal. It’s a flexible tool built to give you immediate access to a vault of amazing Turing talent. When you post a job on Terminal, it will reach our entire alumni network of over 1,200 and counting. These are developers with 1-6 years of experience. Primed and ready to go.

Find your next hire in three easy steps. Here’s how it works:

1—Submit a new job using this online form.

2—Get an email when your job is under review and when it goes live.

3—Watch as talented developers apply.

Boom—we’re done here. It’s really that simple.

Not ready to post a job yet but interested in meeting some of our people? Great! You can do that on Terminal, too. Browse our grads. These are new developers seeking first time employment. Learn more about their skills, previous work experience, and how they will be an asset to your team.

Sourcing and selecting the right talent takes significant time and energy. We can fix that. Terminal makes it fast not only to cast a wider net, but to pull in people who have technical expertise paired with a wide range of prior professional experience.

Need more reasons to hire from Turing? Here’s what other employers are saying about us:

“Turing graduates are some of our most valued engineers. We plan on hiring yearly for junior developers and Turing is one of the bootcamps we trust.”  – Brittany Martin, Engineering Lead, TextUs
“My team has hired two Turing graduates in the past six months. Overall, I would say that Turing graduates are more technically competent and versed in modern technology stacks than the average CS college graduate.”   Seth Urban, Director of Quality and Reliability, AppOmni
“We love how consistently qualified we find Turing graduates to be.” Benjamin West, Managing Member, Radial Development Group

Want to find out how we can make your life even easier when it comes to hiring?
Contact Partnership Manager Robyn Purvin, robyn@turing.edu.