I Want My MTV

Turing’s latest demo comp goes retro…

I Want My MTV

Turing’s latest Demo Comp delivered some seriously fast-paced fun! And solid coding skills, too. Principal Architect at SPR Saleem Siddiqui said, “I am regularly impressed by the quality of the projects produced by Turing students. The originality, teamwork, and problem-solving spirit of the students shines through their work.” He continued, “As someone who is heavily invested in the technical hygiene of software systems, I'm encouraged to see that almost every group emphasizes how they did TDD, CI/CD (including deployment to Heroku or equivalent), pair-programming, backlog management, and retrospectives. Learning these habits early in one's career is vital to continued success.”

Another judge, Software Engineering Manager at Hearst Di Tang, was equally impressed by how our students delivered really high-quality work within such a short period of time. “It strikes me that the students not only come together to apply their knowledge to the projects, but also continuously learn new technology and explore best approaches for challenges they encountered throughout the process,” she said. Spoiler alert! Re: the winning project, Rec.Me, Di noted:

“They have modern design, solid application architecture, fully working functionality of music recommendations, and games. I would love to use this app or integrate it as a feature in our Hearst Magazine websites!”

Not to mention…THEIR VIDEO. Do yourself a favor and watch it now!



Created by: Eric Matlock, Jerry Vohrer, Madison Law, and Katie Ammon

Rec.Me is a gamified music discovery app aimed at folks who are looking to learn more about their favorite artists, find some new artists to add to their jam-out playlist, and try their hand at a 6-Degrees of Separation-like music challenge!

Runner Up


Created by: Austin Moore, Aedan Yturralde, Rich LaBrecque, Sam Smith, and Eldridge Turambi

Nearly nine million Americans relocated between the start of the pandemic and the close of 2020. As those numbers continue to climb, JobHouse helps users easily visualize the relationship between an employment opportunity and buying their own home when they move to a new place.

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Honorable Mentions

No Use Cryin' Over Shared Milk

Created by: Seth Perna, Kelly Anderson, Eric Mielke, Lindsay Schnell, Jani Palomino, and Cesare Gallo

Inspired by one of the creator’s own experience with his son, No Use Cryin' Over Shared Milk creates a safe space for families who underproduce breast milk to connect with families who overproduce. It's a purely donation-based program on a mission to build connections and make donated milk accessible.


Created by: Rana Jurjus, Thomas Nguyen, Daniel O’Connell, Tony Carpenter, Chris Hewitt, David Kassin, Hannah Warren, and Jackson Valdez

Most musicians would agree that obtaining a dedicated practice space is one of the hardest things about scheduling rehearsals. Rüm connects musicians looking for practice space with hosts who want to fill their empty rooms with music...think Airbnb for artists.

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