Slalom Hires from Turing

Here's why your company should, too.

Slalom Hires from Turing

Company: Slalom
Number of Turing grads hired: 35 since 2019

Slalom is a global consulting firm focused on driving innovative solutions through strategy, technology, and business transformation. They work in a competitive and ever-changing landscape. So when Slalom Talent Acquisition Analyst Ryan Roe is hiring a junior developer, he looks for competency in Front End and Back End tools and an understanding of how to apply those skills in real-world environments.

The ability to interact in teams and build client relationships and trust is also paramount. These qualities blend both 'hard' and 'soft' skills in actual scenarios candidates will encounter when hired, and they are exactly the qualities Turing grads offer employers.

Read on to find out how easy and successful it has been for Slalom to fulfill hiring demands with top talent from Turing:

What has your experience been like as an employer partner of Turing?

“Fantastic. Our partnership with Turing has been integral in hiring talented, driven, and creative people that are new in their technical careers. This partnership has proven to be essential to our success.”

Was it easy to hire from Turing? Can you describe the process?

“Yes, it was. Turing representatives have not only referred us to Terminal (Turing’s talent marketplace), but have sent us candidates with particularly relevant skillsets for our specific hiring needs. Turing has gone above and beyond to partner with Slalom in a way that supports our hiring at the junior/entry level.”

Can you speak to the quality of the hires from Turing? Are they working out well?

“Overall, our quality of hiring from Turing has been excellent. Candidates have been able to come in and deliver after our academy training that builds on the foundational aspects of their curriculum at Turing.”

Would you recommend hiring from Turing to other employers? And why?

“Yes. Hiring Turing grads has been a huge success for us at Slalom, and I would recommend any organization that is looking for technical talent to partner with Turing for hiring needs.”

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