Fighting for a Gender Equal World

Celebrating all women and under-represented gender's achievements, increasing visibility, and calling out inequality, is key to having a gender equal workforce and world.

Fighting for a Gender Equal World

During March we celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day. Here at Turing, we are proud of our strong community of people who are on the path to or have already launched careers in the white, cis/het, male dominated field of software development.

At our organization, women and any person who identifies as an underrepresented gender in tech support and celebrate each other our student Circle, Joan Clarke Society, a group of over 400 current students and alumni.

Black and white image of Joan Clarke.
Joan Clarke was best known for her work as a codebreaker during World War II and was awarded for her work that decrypted Nazi Germany's communications.

Celebrating all women and under-represented gender's achievements, increasing visibility, and calling out inequality, is key to having a gender equal workforce and world. We stand for the International Women's Day 2021 initiative to "Choose to Challenge" and celebrate achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality.

Celebrate Achievements

Our community is full of inspiring stories of taking on the challenge of changing careers and diversifying the tech industry, here are just a few:

From teaching to Turing to Silicon Valley - How a Turing alumni used her skills from her previous career paired with what she learned at Turing to find her dream job.

How to Stay Positive During a Job Search - Jeannie Evans, a Turing School alum and Full Stack Software Developer, shares 5 ways she kept a positive mindset and found her dream career.

Taking a Leap of Faith - In the ever evolving world of software development, there will always be unknowns and problems to be solved and it’s part of what these three women love about their jobs.

From the fashion industry to a 6 figure tech job - Amanda wanted to leave her job in the fashion industry, but didn't know what her options were until she connected with a friend who told her about Turing.

Finding Your Dream Career - Q&A with Justine Troyke, Turing Alum and Current Software Engineer

Raise Awareness Against Bias

Gender bias is present everywhere and it must be tackled from an intersectional lens. Take the time to explore these resources about bias:

Kimberlé Crenshaw discusses how people simultaneously face bias along multiple identity dimensions such as gender, race, and sexual orientation.

5 ways intersectionality affects diversity and inclusion at work

List of podcasts about intersectional feminism

Black Trans Women Have Always Been Integral in the Fight for Women’s Rights

Take Action For Equality

More resources about how to put intersectionality into your diversity and inclusion work and organizations to support:

Ten Tips for Putting Intersectionality into Practice

• Donate to Catalyst, Project Include, Women Who Code, and other organizations dedicated to fighting gender bias in the workplace.

Support and donate to these groups that empower the LGBTQ tech community.

Support and donate to these women of color led organizations

• Support The Inclusive Safety Project. This organization sheds light on the ways tech can assist domestic violence and the steps we can take to reduce harm that tech products can cause. During March, Turing School is matching any donations to Inclusive Safety Project, up to $1000. Just DM us your donation receipt on Instagram or Twitter!