What do Turing students work on?

Watch videos of Turing projects to learn more about what our students create.

What do Turing students work on?

Turing School's curriculum is project-based. Students work in pairs or groups on their projects just like dev teams do in the tech industry. Due to the fast paced nature of Turing's 7 month program, these projects are often completed in as little as three days. We get a chance to preview student work at our Code Fair and Demo Competition events. Below are some student created videos that highlight their projects.

Keep scrolling to see what Turing students are able to create! If you are interested in being a judge for an upcoming Demo Comp, email robyn@turing.io.

REPresent - an application that compares a user's vote for bills currently being voted on and how their elected representatives voted.

HIFU - a mobile application for people wanting to explore the backcountry.

Auctionable Change - a mobile application that gives users the opportunity to buy and sell items and donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice.