2021 Q3 Jobs and Hiring Report

Data points and community updates from Turing around student outcomes.

2021 Q3 Jobs and Hiring Report
Photo by Nick Morrison / Unsplash

It is exciting to report that the steady flow of jobs from the previous quarter continued. Even with slightly less people graduating in Q3, more jobs were accepted than in Q2, with an increase to both median and average salary. Additionally, over half the roles accepted are fully remote.

The data shows us that Turing grads are landing in all kinds of roles that offer them benefits, great pay, and flexibility to work from anywhere.

The Numbers

In 2021 Q3:

  • Two cohorts graduated for a total of 77 new alumni.
  • 87 Turing alumni accepted a job during Q3. Plus 5 students left early for a job!
  • The median time to hire was 65 days from graduation.
  • Median starting salary of first time hires was $80,000.
  • 56% of jobs offered are fully remote.

Check out the full Q3 2021 Jobs Report for more detail on all of these numbers. Keep reading here for a deeper dive into the companies that hired Turing grads and the types of jobs offered.

Employers who hired

In Q3, over 60 companies hired a Turing grad. That breaks off into many industries, including business consulting, healthcare, ed-tech, and telecommunications.

Slalom is a global consulting firm that has been a hiring partner of Turing’s since 2019. The company has hired over 40 Turing grads, with 7 being hired during Q3 of 2021. Slalom’s hiring managers remarked that they are always impressed with the quality of Turing grads and will continue to hire directly from our pool.

Types of roles

Every student at Turing School is unique, so it makes sense that every job title and role they end up in is, too. Depending on the company’s needs and the individual job seeker’s strengths and prior experience, companies have roles ranging from contract-to-hire, internships/apprenticeships, and full-time software developers - just to name a few!

Guild Education is an ed-tech company that helps employees of Fortune 1000 companies use their education benefits to upskill. Guild is one of several partners that offers internship-to-hire opportunities specifically for Turing grads. Tashia Davis was hired as an intern in June 2021 and became a Software Engineer at the company in September 2021.

Interested in starting a career journey in tech? Check out one of our upcoming Try Coding workshops to get a taste of what it's like!