Q1 2022 Jobs and Hiring Report

Data points and community updates from Turing School around student outcomes.

Q1 2022 Jobs and Hiring Report

2022 is off to a great start! Our graduates have hit their stride, continuing to accept remote roles in tech across the country. The pandemic has forever changed how we work and more alumni than ever are finding fulfilling, full-time roles working from home. After almost two years operating completely online, it’s clear that Turing is producing ideal hires for remote companies. Our students build healthy remote work habits and learn best practices for working on remote teams through ongoing group projects.

The Numbers

In Q1 2022:

  • Two cohorts graduated for a total of 80 new alumni.
  • 78 Turing alumni accepted a job during Q1.
  • The median time to hire was 55 days from graduation.
  • Median starting salary of first time hires was $85,000.
  • 63% of jobs offered are fully remote.

Check out the full Q1 2022 Jobs Report for more detail on all of these numbers.

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Future Proof Your Career

There’s a wide range of software development positions available within the tech industry, and the varied positions our graduates are being hired for is further proof that the Turing curriculum prepares you for nearly all of them. Our alumni accepted roles with titles including Full Stack Software Engineer, Back End Developer, Consultant, and Junior Developer, among others.

Expand Your Career Options

What’s moreyou don’t have to be locked into any one industry. The type of companies that hired from Turing this quarter also varied considerably. From large, multinational companies including Amazon, USAA, Starbucks, and Charles Schwab to what some might consider “traditional” technology companies including Zayo, Conga, Thoughtworks and Datadog, our graduates accepted a variety of positions working in different industries.

A career in coding means having an abundance of vertical growth opportunities accessible at all times. Sounds good, right? Indeed it does. Something else you might like the sound of is that we have an entire team of people in place to help you find your first job in tech, plus a super strong alumni network to stay connected to throughout your entire career. So quiet any voices in your head, the ones that cast doubt and make you question your own potential. The truth is: you can do this. And the sooner you start, the sooner your life will change.

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