The Turing Type

Who comes to our school?

The Turing Type

Ok first, this headline is misleading. We don’t actually have a type. What we do have is incredible people from all walks of life, many of whom are at a career crossroads. People, quite possibly, who are just like you. If you answered a resounding d. to the multiple-choice question posed above, then it’s time to talk Turing.

Maybe you already know that you want to make a change. Now you are looking into code schools and weighing which one is the right fit for you. Welcome. You are in the right place. We can help.

The two biggest reasons we hear time and time again from our students on why they picked Turing is:

1.     We’re a nonprofit. We don’t answer to any outside interests. That means providing you with the best education possible is our single most important driver.
2.     Our program is seven months. It’s the optimal program length to absorb as much as possible so that when you leave our doors, you are ready for what’s next. And—no prior coding experience is required.

Then, what students unanimously find is that there’s another, third reason that’s just as clutch as these first two that is woven into the fabric of who we are as an institution. And that’s community. When you come to Turing, you are gaining access to a community of doers, dreamers, builders and believers. People who genuinely care about other people and are interested in helping lift one another up.

Making opportunity accessible to a bigger pool of people is absolutely something that we subscribe to. So going back to the whole type thing, perhaps we do have one after all. It’s people who want to do good and help others be better. We do that by creating a community of people who share this thinking. Interested?

Thought so. Another thing we want to let you in on upfront: the program is hard and ramps up quickly. But as recent grad Ruthie Rabinovitch shared, “One of the big reasons that Turing appealed to me over other schools was how clearly the strength of the community fit into the experience. Given how hard the code school thing is regardless, the community and the support piece is a huge part of it.”

“What Turing does really well is the human-centered experience.”

With a doubt, our community is a huge draw. Ruthie continued, “The community is what gets you through every step of the way—from mod 0 through graduation and well beyond graduation. There are interest and identity-based groups that offer incredible support and guidance, and everyone just wants to help everyone around them succeed.”

Yes, you read that right. You are paired with a mentor while you are here. You have job support when you graduate (and anytime thereafter). You have teachers who believe in you. At any point during your journey, you have this entire collective of plugged-in people that you can rely on. Our extended alumni community (of 1,300 strong and growing) and the individual members of your cohort (who you become really tight with) serve as a built-in support system that shapes your experience in a vital way.

Turing is equal parts challenging and exhilarating. And whether you have some coding experience in your pocket or none at all, it’s humbling. As Turing alum Keji Amos said of his first few days, “The egos left the room. We learned quickly that if we were going to make it to the top of the mountain, we were all in it together.” The truth is: any code school will be a climb. The difference is, with Turing, you have the strength of a super solid community at your back helping you make the trek. Steady as you go. That’s the Turing type.

Considering Turing and have more questions? We've got you.

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